Best Anime Soundtracks to Listen to While Reading Manga

As the influence of Japanese culture continues to grow, we can expect to see even more collaboration and inspiration between Eastern and Western artists in the years to come. Anime and manga have a close relationship, with many anime being adaptations of popular manga series. It’s no wonder that anime soundtracks can be an excellent complement to reading manga. The right music can enhance the mood and atmosphere of a manga, drawing readers further into the story. This article will explore some of the best anime soundtracks to listen to while reading manga. The Attack on Titan soundtrack is a must-listen for anyone reading the manga or watching the anime. The intense orchestral music fits perfectly with the dark, apocalyptic world of the story. From the epic opening to the hauntingly beautiful closing theme, this soundtrack will keep you on the edge of your seat. Naruto is a classic anime and manga series, and the music is just as iconic.

The soundtrack is a mix of upbeat and emotional tracks that fit perfectly with the story’s themes of determination and friendship. The opening themes are particularly memorable and will transport you to the ninja world of the manga. Your Lie in April is a heartbreaking story about a young musician trying to overcome his past. The classical music in the anime perfectly complements the story and will transport you to a world of beauty and pain. Even if you’re not a fan of classical music, the soundtrack is worth a listen. Cowboy Bebop is a classic anime with a fantastic jazz soundtrack. The music perfectly complements the futuristic, space-western world of the story. The soundtrack is diverse, featuring everything from funky jazz to bluesy ballads. If you’re a fan of jazz, this soundtrack is a must-listen. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood is an epic story about two brothers searching for a way to regain their lost bodies.

The soundtrack is just as epic, featuring soaring orchestral pieces and hauntingly beautiful ballads. The opening and closing themes are particularly memorable and will transport you to the world of alchemy and adventure. Death Note is a dark, psychological thriller about a high school student who gains the read manga power to kill anyone whose name he writes in a notebook. The soundtrack is as intense as the story, featuring dramatic orchestral pieces and haunting electronic tracks. If you’re a fan of horror or thrillers, this soundtrack is a must-listen. Haikyuu!! It is a sports anime and manga series about a high school volleyball team. The soundtrack is upbeat and energetic, perfectly capturing the excitement of the game. The opening themes are particularly memorable and will have you cheering for the team in no time. In conclusion, many anime soundtracks can enhance your reading experience while reading manga.